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Chicago area photographer using candid & photojournalistic style for wedding, engagement and family photography. Contact me now 847-701-4430 or email:

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Welcome Living Social Customers!

Below, you will see a few examples of my style. It's very rewarding to provide Families with Artistic Fun Photos. My Candid approach to Family Photography makes for the easiest portrait experience you will ever have done!

I do not have a studio. Rather, I come to you or a park, forest preserve, etc. The best photos are done outside in Natural Light. The background is far less important. As you can see, the camera was zoomed in close enough and there isn't much background to be seen. Just about any Park works. You don't have to go to Millennium Park to get great photos! We have a few favorite places to do photo shoots based on your location. I will do photos in your home if you wish. However, indoor photos never seem to be as good as outdoor locations.

For more examples, check out my Facebook page:

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Childrens Portraits

My way of getting the Great Candid Photos of Children, works every time! The parents Love to see their children in these types of photos.

Wedding Photography Pricing...

I hear all the time, “Why is wedding photography so expensive?” or “We are just going to have a friend who has a camera shoot our wedding as a favor.”

One of my favorite quotes goes like this: “If you think hiring a professional is expensive, try hiring an amateur.”

Newborn Baby Photography

Newborns are so precious and huge Sports Fans too!

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